September 2018 Sighting

You should check out this September 8th, 2018 sighting that a UK UFOlogist has posted to youtube.  It shows two distinct lights and UFOs flying very low to the ground and moving at a very odd rate of speed.  I think you’ll see that this video looks to be very authentic and should provide you with some time to study what is seen.

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Calvin Parker – Alien Abduction

New UFO Abduction Story

There is a new book being released about a Mississippi man’s claims of being abducted by a UFO in the 1970’s.  It’s an entirely different account from what you have heard from so many other abduction stories and it’s a must read.

Here is the full story:

“Parker said he noticed blue light reflecting off the water and his initial thought was law enforcement officers had arrived to tell the two fishermen they needed to leave the property. However, when Parker looked up, he realized the light was coming from a craft like nothing he’d ever seen.”

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Arizona UFO Sighting

Back in 2017 there was this massive sighting out in Arizona.  This one was again from the folks at SecureTeam10 who have some amazing videos for everyone to check out.  You should see what they have.

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Professor Claims Many Governments Involved in Cover-up

Check out this amazing article about a professor from NASA who claims that many governments have covered up alien encounters.

A physics professor joined the conversation and told us that he had colleagues working at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls, Montana, where they were having problems with UFOs shutting down nuclear missiles

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UFOs and Drones

Here is a top ten collection of some great UFO sightings taken from drone footage.  Having the drone footage is typically great because of the resolution of the cameras on these high end machines.  There is nothing as fun as seeing some UFOs and Drones.

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Tulli Papyrus

This is a very odd old legend of Tulli Papyrus – which might be the most ancient UFO sighting.  It all takes place in Egypt, and involves the Vatican in its verification.  Many actual Egyptologists have studying the writing, and the writing is legit.  The whole manuscript was for sale and a professor found it in 1933.  The manuscript describes a very odd experience that the elders in the society had to deal with.  There were huge flying disks in the sky in the South that people saw, and it was very scary.


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Wyoming UFO

This is one of the best UFO sightings from the last few months.  This one is coming in from Wyoming.  It was actually a teenager who got this video and sent it in.  The town that it’s in does have a military base, so it’s certainly a UFO (didn’t say ET based, but we don’t know what it is).

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The drip feed theory

We’ve been talking for years about the ‘drip feed theory’.  That the US Government has slowly been drip feeding information to the public about UFOs and alien life so not to cause a panic.  They must have done extensive research into what might happen if a revelation came on too fast and too quickly for the general public to understand.  Therefore it seems like other’s have been coming on board to this theory.  The History Channel series, Ancient Alien is returning for yet another season, but this time they are focusing on recent developments.

Check out this trailer:

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Want to know what ETs look like?

What do you think ETs look like?

Apparently, these science experts think that they know what they will look like.  One is even claiming that by 2035 we’ll have hard evidence about ETs that we can probe to the world.

This article even talks about a $22 million dollar military program (they call it a secret program, but if we are talking about it then it can’t be a secret right?) designed for investigating UFOs.  This program only started in 2007 and went on for 5 years.

One of the best guesses from scientists is that thumbs might be a key component to ET biology as they are very unique to advanced life.  So this means that they likely have thumbs.  As a result, many scientists think that thumbs are a key component to advanced life.

Anyway, check out the article if you are interested.

Experts Say This Is What Aliens Probably Look Like

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13 of the Best UFO Footage

This is a great collection of 13 great sightings.  We missed this video which was posted in late 2017, but we still think it’s worth it.  These videos are from all around the world, some from South America and some from Asia, but the bulk are from Europe.  We think these are some of the best of 2017 so well done to this group for getting these together.

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