Former Navy Pilot Chased UFO – Take them Seriously

This former Navy pilot says that we need to take these UFOs seriously.  He said so to a respectable news organization as well.

Then the object, which looked like a 4o-foot-long Tic Tac candy, “goes whoosh, and it’s gone.” he said. It accelerated rapidly and disappeared like no aircraft he had ever seen in his career.

Fravor has been in the news recently after the New York Times broke the story that the Pentagon had a secret program that investigated reports of UFOs. The Defense Department says it closed down the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program in 2012 after five years, but the program’s backers say it remains in existence, investigating UFO reports from service members while carrying out other duties.

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Best 2017 Footage

We are posting some of the best footage of ufos from around the world for this past year. Would you have picked these or do you have a different favorite clip that we have not posted?

We are trying to provide you with the most up to date details on these sightings from around the world if you have information about some great sighting that we have not posted.

Please let us know because we love to hear from you and all of our fans.

As a result, we all love seeing the best UFO footage that we can find.  Here is one of the best of the year:

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Creepy Alien Coins

You need to check out this story about some really creepy alien coins found in Egypt.  These were recently discovered during a house renovation and they certainly look like aliens to me: 

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Live TV UFOs

Here are some live TV moments that appear to have some UFO activity in them.  

Many of these videos have HD quality TV cameras doing the filming so the quality is very good.  

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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April 2017 UFO Footage

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Best of 2016 UFO Footage

Here are some of the best UFO footage videos of 2016.  I hope you guys enjoy this great new video of some of the best ufo footage out there.

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Kenyan UFO

This is from a dash camera and was taken in Kenya!

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Desert UFOs in 2016

What is happening in this video?  I can’t figure it out either.  But the UFO in the desert looks amazing, either that’s some great CGI, new weapons system, or new war toy.  Regardless of what it is you need to check out the video.

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August 2016 Videos

Here are some UFO videos from August 2016.  There are 5 videos in this collection, to be honest only about 2 of them are of value and are interesting.  Let me know what you think

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UK UFO Video #2

Check out this latest from the UK.  They have had some great sightings this year:


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