Dogon Tribe Discussion

This is the first of many discussions we will have regarding ‘Ancient Alien’ theories.

Recently on the radio program coast-to-coast with George Noory, there was a discussion about the African tribe called the Dogon. The thesis that was put forth was that this tribe which still exists today are actually descendants of ancient Egyptians. Why in the world would we be talking about this on footage from UFOs you ask? Well during the show that brought up evidence that this tribe had advanced knowledge of the constellation Sirius. They had an understanding of the astrological underpinnings of this constellation and the fact that it contained two stars, and HP noted that one of these two stars is not visible to the naked eye. The discussion then went on to showcase that the knowledge of this constellation had come down from extraterrestrials. The theory also went on to say that this African tribe is in many ways a backup copy of aging Egypt and has survived in inhospitable regions for generations. The guest on the show went on to postulate that at different times during the Egyptian talk certain tribal elders would disassociate themselves from the tribe and move on throughout civilization and find a new location bring forth their knowledge and understanding of the world. And that’s how this backup copy seems to make sense.

The discussion went on to say that famed scientists such as Carl Sagan have looked into this tribe and were unconvinced to their authenticity is an ancient old sure turned into scientific marvel. It was said that Kroll Sagan simply assumed that this tribe did not have an unbelievable understanding of the cosmos but more likely modern travelers or even unscrupulous archaeologists gave this tribe this information in hopes to make a sensational story. The one aspect of the story that never seem to make sense was if this tribe truly has information and understanding different than the rest of the world why is it keeping it to itself? For what purpose does having an alternative understanding of human street have if that knowledge is never shared outside that circle of 50 or 60 people? Well the story of having an understanding of the cosmos much beyond that of modern man never mind ancient man seems quite tantalizing, still it seems extremely odd that their lifestyle would not have also advanced to at least the Bronze Age compared to their other tribal rifles. The question isn’t necessarily whether or not this tribe have received information from extraterrestrials was really perplexing is even if they did what good did it really do them?


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