Men in Black Documentary

With reports of MIBs for over 50 years, it’s time to look into the¬†experience. ¬†Check out this documentary.

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  • carol utley Says:

    I have had an actual “Men In Black” experience. It was on a road trip, in California. We had stopped at an out of the way gas station-convenience store so I could use the restroom. I decided to look for a snack while there. I was checking one isle out, when I noticed two short bald men on the isle next to mine. They were acting very strange; going up and down the isle but not really stopping to look at anything in particular. They would stop and put their heads together, whispering something to each other. They made me so nervous, I just left the store. I got back in our truck when they came walking around the building. They were exactly alike. No hats . No sunglasses. NO difference in height or weight and wearing matching black suits.
    Our truck faced the passenger side of their car. After they got in, the passenger rolled his window down a little, looked up at the sky for several minutes and then looked over at me. Seemed like he stared at me forever. and rolled his window up. We left.
    There have been many strange experiences happening to me these past two years and one of them involved an E.T. event that happened in our bathroom. I’m not going into detail. I have been through so much and sometimes I just don’t have the energy to deal with one more unbeliever. Even with pictures and recordings, it has been a dead end road with the paranormal people. Sincerely, Carol

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