Are They Trying to Sell Us a Story?

The US government has announced that it will host a series of UFO videos from 2020. There are several questions that surround this development.

UFO Videos from 2019

If the US government is real, what are they trying to tell us? What does this say about their reality? Are these videos filmed by government operatives?

Is this just another hoax by the shadows of the shadow government? The US government has been accused of hoaxing people for years. Are the Russians going to start telling the truth? What about the UFO sightings from Ukraine and Russia?

How can you trust those in the news agencies who claim to have these videos? Is it true? The US government is promising to release UFO videos from 2020.

When do we expect to see this new footage? When do we expect to see those with black uniforms? Do you think it is a total hoax?

What about those UFO witness’ stories? Do you believe all the claims by the witnesses and those with the shadow government? These questions are important.

Why don’t you call a UFO witness’ hotline to find out the truth and why don’t you contact the US government for information on this? We believe the US government is not telling the truth.

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