The Way The Weather Impacts UFOs

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The Way The Weather Impacts UFOs

Alien sightings of extraterrestrial life can be observed from a variety of different environments, not just the sky. The earth’s atmosphere is among the most commonly used for UFO sightings due to its commonness and the fact that it is so close to the earth. Even natural events like meteor showers are observed to have a strong similarity to UFO sightings.

Atmospheric phenomena like meteors or lightning can also be observed to have a similar movement to the object that people believe to be an alien craft. The wind speed and direction will cause the entire electromagnetic field to push in on a UFO sighting. It is easy to witness a stationary UFO by watching the speed and direction of the wind.

There are many instances where witnesses report seeing a stationary UFO traveling backwards while the space shuttle was stationary. If the space shuttle was in orbit, then the UFO would move to a higher altitude and at times pass over the space shuttle. This is due to the environment that it is traveling through. When the shuttle is in orbit, the atmosphere will slowly pull the spacecraft down causing it to travel forward and backward.

Alien sightings have been witnessed from even outside of the earth’s atmosphere. There are some specific locations that can be seen to be too close to the sun for the sun’s rays to penetrate the atmosphere. The atmospheric conditions such as the velocity of the air and the altitude above the sun will cause the light to disperse into the solar spectrum. The sun will not be seen directly as the sun will be completely blocked by the atmosphere and is not actually seen by human eyes.

All of these scenarios and others that people believe to be related to alien craft all happen because of the way the atmospheric light spreads through the atmosphere. The amount of light transmitted through the atmosphere can be determined by the thickness of the atmosphere. As the atmosphere is thinner, the light will be spread out and therefore will not penetrate the atmosphere like ifthe atmosphere were thicker.

Although one cannot see a UFO in the daytime rain or clouds, a UFO can still be observed with no visible sunlight. This is due to the fact that the atmosphere, which is a combination of water vapor and oxygen is approximately one third water and one third air. The reflection of the sunlight has caused a very thin film of the oxygen to exist and the only light that can penetrate the atmosphere.

There are other sources that you might want to consider when trying to determine whether or not your sightings are real. It is easy to find a phenomenon that is weather-related when you do your research. The weather is always a good source of information and in some cases, may lead you to the true source of the UFO sightings.

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