Is These UFO Videos From 2020 Really All That Important?

UFO Videos from 2019

Is These UFO Videos From 2020 Really All That Important?

There is a new show in town called UFO Videos from 2020. If you love the idea of something out of this world, you may want to consider tuning in for a glimpse into the future.

It is the year 2020, and Mother Nature has manifested itself into its most massive form yet. You have probably been hearing the term “Antarctica” a lot lately, but this is a new term that everyone should pay attention to. Antarctica, or rather, NGA for short, is one of the most vast bodies of water on the planet and it has left its mark in the form of a volcanic island known as “Antarctica.”

The last time I checked, in 2020, the United States was conducting another Antarctic research mission. A few months ago, scientists released pictures taken by satellites showing what appears to be an alien base being constructed somewhere on Antarctica. Some say it is aliens, but scientists who have worked in Antarctica for quite some time are sure it is nothing else but human beings. This has stirred up the internet like never before, with lots of theories on how it got there, what it does, and what it can do to us.

Before we get into all of that, let me say that I am not suggesting that NGA is human in origin. I am simply stating that it is very possible that this could be the place where the aliens landed. At this point, if they do exist, they are probably in the process of building a new base, like NASA did for the moon.

Because of their size, they are not likely to run into humans unless they are alerted to our presence by something else. If they don’t alert us, they will find other ways to find out. That could include cameras or radar. Either way, they have something coming.

So, in case you have been wondering, no, NGA is not aliens. It is just humans trying to do the best job they can while making a name for themselves. It is not out of the realm of possibility that NGA was built in order to protect the area, and it is also possible that they were being very cautious to avoid getting discovered.

In the end, however, NGA may not be aliens, but it is worth asking yourself what happens if they do show up? Think about this – if the aliens are actually human beings, what would you do? What’s the moral of the story?

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