UFO Videos From 2020 – Something Big is Going On

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UFO Videos From 2020 – Something Big is Going On

A few months ago, I was told that there is a UFO Videos from 2020. Who knows, but it’s coming, and they will be filmed using high-tech cameras and high-speed cameras, just like they do in War Movies. Now when you hear this, you might say that this is so absurd, but think about it.

Most of the movie studios use special effects, but they are only for special effects. But what about movies like Independence Day? Or the Matrix films?

If aliens visit Earth, humans will get used to this idea, and perhaps even desire an alien invasion. But then, the government has a secret plan to battle against aliens, and this could just be another one of their secret projects. It’s their private money, their money that we taxpayers pay for, that is being spent on these military projects.

This would explain why NASA has had so many difficulties getting astronauts up there because they are required to have an all-man mission. Yet aliens might be going to a planet, or a star, and we may not be so concerned about them, or at least not publicly so. The aliens have been instructed by their higher authority to come here, they are getting ready for their big invasion.

If they cannot get the courage to go into space and see the rest of the galaxy, then they may be hiding in one of the galaxies, and we can’t find them because there are no galaxies. We might be looking in the wrong direction, and this could be the solution.

Well, if these pictures of UFOs were being taken by private companies like black or private companies, they would be a lot more respected, and not be used to scare us. Think about it, a bunch of hot, sweaty, and just plain old excited people jumping out of airplanes, with little cameras strapped to their backs, and just leaving their mark on the universe.

So, is this your proof that the government is hiding a big secret, and it’s a part of their alien race of super-intelligent beings, who are in charge of our planet? Think about it, and maybe take a look at that picture of one of these big heavy-duty mini-subs moving over the ocean from a military base in Japan, and just take a look at the camera’s vision.

Maybe we should put it in our movie and see if that works. You can make your own movie from this technology, using this technology that might change our society forever. Think about it, maybe the fact that we were attacked by aliens today, and we’re trying to hide something, is proof that the government is hiding something, that it’s not what we thought it was.

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