UFOs, Angel Sightings and UFOs

UFO sightings have been around since the 1950’s, even before that in the form of aerial photographs and videos. Many people say that UFO sightings have been around for many years, and that it has been something that is happening a lot longer than that. There is a big reason why UFOs have been around since the beginning of time. The answer is quite simple.

ufo sightings

Flying saucers and UFOs are angels that are trying to communicate with mankind from other worlds, while those who want to prevent this from happening are trying to scare off any visitors. In some cultures they believe in angels and heaven, while in others they believe in spirits, even though they are not really living beings. In general, humans don’t believe in spirits at all, but they can see those that live on other planets, which is where aliens and flying saucers came from.

If we find anything that looks like a flying saucer or a UFO in the future, and we find it right, then we know that there are beings on other planets or possibly even at other times, whom we should call at once, as we are the witnesses of what has been described in many reports. What we have to do is reach out to them and say that we need help. They may be visiting us, and we need to make sure that we are ready to receive them.

We need to be on our guard as we read up on UFO sightings in general, including all of the stories we hear. It is very important that we look into all of the facts before judging anyone and assuming that they are just trying to scam us.

Stories of flying saucers or UFOs could be based on real events or they could be due to hoaxes. In some cases the witnesses have never met one another, and the stories are told by people who have seen them, while in other cases they are just describing what they saw, without ever having spoken to one another. The latter case would make it hard to tell one story from another, which is why many UFO sightings are probably not accounts of sightings, but actual experiences.

Sightings of these UFOs vary a lot from place to place. Some places have hundreds of UFO sightings every year, while others are very quiet, with maybe one or two sightings per year. But what is interesting is that the sightings of the UFOs are often the same places in different places, which gives a very strong indication that there are actually many sightings, even if they are not all recorded.

If you ask anyone who has ever experienced an encounter with one of these UFOs, they will tell you that the creatures in the UFO were not human, but rather they had a humanoid appearance, but they were too far away for their face to be seen. They said that the creatures were just as tall as them, and had large glowing eyes, while at the same time, the craft was out of sight.

They would not move unless it was a group of seven or eight people that they were with, and they did not talk much during the experience, as they were afraid that they would lose their hearing. However, after the event they would often say that they felt that there were angels around them, and their souls had escaped into another world.

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