UFO Sightings Are Rain And Sunshine

There are many people who have speculated that UFO sightings are just weather conditions. But perhaps this has been addressed already, especially by the UFO researchers that have been unable to come up with some plausible reasons to explain all the UFO sightings all around the world.

The more I see of these sightings, the more convinced I am that rain and sunshine could easily explain them. Maybe even wind and snow are not the best explanation, because it seems that these objects are spotted above mountains and hills. If that is the case, wouldn’t they have been seen in those places anyway? Well, if not, why are they only spotted from the skies in those places?

Although it is true that these UFO sightings may simply be weather patterns, there is a better chance that these flying objects may not be natural. Or at least not naturally-occurring. Yes, there are those that say they are, but they cannot prove it. There is also the “curious orb” in which there was no alien landing.

Other people say they have never seen a UFO, but some of them, when asked if they saw a UFO, answer yes, and then state that they did see something “big.” That is definitely not one way traffic that could explain all the UFO sightings all over the world. No.

Okay, you’re probably thinking that there must be some other explanation, but we already have the moon and the stars, so what about these things, what else can we use? Believe it or not, the stars may help. There have been a lot of sightings of UFOs, but the lights that they were seen against are quite similar to the blue-green lights we see during the day on the lunar surface.

Now we don’t know if the UFO is moving or stationary, but since the moon and the sundo move in the sky, we can use them to determine if the sighting really happened or not. With that said, these things could have explained why we can see moving objects in the sky, and how we can see them moving.

I am pretty sure that the object that was claimed to be a small asteroid will soon be discovered. They said it was big enough to be a satellite, but we’ll have to wait until the time is right for us to know for sure. No, we haven’t found it yet, but it’s possible that it could be where the Chiron was located, on the moon, and maybe even a larger moon.

Some of the moons orbiting the planets we have been to before the one we are on now might have satellites that would fit the bill of a small asteroid. Maybe, just maybe, we need to investigate these flying objects that we are seeing in the sky and find out if they are even extraterrestrial or not. Until then, we’ll have to wait to find out.

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