Are You A Conspiracy Theory?

UFO sightings are happening all over the world. Every once in a while, they happen close to home. The most common is of course, Alaska.

ufo sightings

The UFO’s have often been seen in the skies over the US and Canada for decades. Over 50 military aircraft have been sighted over Alaskan airspace. Many of the UFOs are dark with no lights and when a UFO becomes visible, it is usually quite fast and takes off quite fast.

For many people, seeing these planes crash and disintegrate with no noise was a troubling experience. They came to know of extraterrestrial visitation when the US Air Force began to find evidence of flying objects. Some of the airplanes were written off as being fireballs or ball lightning.

Now, a lot of people do not believe in aliens. It is not possible for aliens to land in such places as Texas and Alaska because of the lack of space. The scenario is only too plausible that those flying objects are aliens or military craft trying to communicate with people on the ground. All the contact is through visible light emissions.

The appearance of UFOs is said to be increasing at an alarming rate. Both military aircraft and civilian aircraft are undergoing upgrades that are based on UFO research. It is assumed that some of these UFOs have been flying for quite some time.

There are many explanations for the possibility of UFOs and even military ships colliding. There are accounts of fireballs and also black lights from these craft just like what the government says. There are also abductions, but of course, this can only happen if the occupants of the craft want to leave and take the government to court.

I have studied remote viewing and some people think that someUFO’s might be receiving messages. It is almost impossible to catch a message from outside the space-time continuum, but there is the remote viewer’s ability to transfer information from the craft to the remote viewer. This is done by projecting pictures onto a very thin wall. Of course, this means that the craft and alien bodies have to be far away, and no one has been able to catch a message from this craft.

If anyone in the military security personnel had a remote viewing training, they would be capable of interpreting the images that came from a remote viewing program and were given the title of a remote viewer. Sometimes, you do get images that are so real and so close to the real thing that you can see blood and then those images are gone. You can not see the craft, you cannot see the alien, but you get the real feel of it and that is what makes people think that they have come across something other than an alien craft.

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