UFO Sightings on the Rise – Is This Something We Should All Be Concerned About?

A lot of UFO sightings, or unidentified flying objects, are being reported in the news each day. Some of them have even been photographed and some that are not have been captured on tape by cameras or ordinary people.

Some of the people who are able to capture these things on tape are celebrities or media stars who are also in the business of news reporting, for example there is a woman who works for CNN who has captured hundreds of them on tape. She does not want to be identified but it’s clear she has made a career out of it.

The majority of UFO sightings are being reported on the Internet and there is a very common belief among UFO researchers that this is where a lot of these sightings are actually happening. People from all over the world are reading UFO books and blogs and are becoming more aware of the phenomenon.

It appears that the US government, CIA and military have been aware of the existence of UFOs for many years. They seem to have thought about what they could do about it. In fact many UFO sightings could not have been natural as they would have happened at a time when the weather would not have been conducive to making them fly.

A popular thing to see in the news is UFOs photographed when they are on the ground. It seems that they are there in the daytime, but they only come out in the night at dusk and at sunrise. These UFOs are often big and there is a lot of equipment going on in the air at the same time that they are there, so that could explain the aircraft that are found on the ground.

It appears that the US government has been using nuclear weapons to get UFOs out of the way, because the craft is too big for a missile, or a plane to stop. They have been sent to other planets in the solar system and there are many close encounters with UFOs that are out there.

Many of the secret projects that NASA has been doing for decades seem to involve getting small craft to travel the distance between the planets and coming back to Earth. It seems that they are getting from one side of the galaxy to the other without any major problems.

It appears that we need to find more UFOs in the air and take some of them out of the sky. There are probably a lot of good people working for the government who do a great job, but sometimes the bad guys do a great job as well.

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