UFO Videos From 2020

UFO Videos from 2020, according to the article in Cosmopolitan.com, “will probably be the year of the UFO.” The skeptics are wrong, and the believers are right. Here is my commentary on what we are going to see.

The term UFO is a generic one used by people who do not know how to use the technology to its best advantage. The term simply means UFO, without knowing where it came from, when, or even who came up with the term. Think about it, why is it that the US government calls a UFO an alien spacecraft?

I can tell you, that if it is a metaphor for UFO power or intelligence, that was in use over 100 years ago, and was a term that did not exist then. They would have chosen another term for it. Otherwise, if they decided to use the term, they were not thinking clearly enough.

But we don’t care what the term was before, so long as the term is used now. The reason for this is because, well, as the case is with Nazis, we don’t want to be thought of as being stupid. That’s why you see them in the news all the time. They have succeeded in creating the image of the stupid group of people, and so there is always someone out there to criticize.

Maybe it is time for the cargill [i.e. the US government agency] to retire the term, and get on with their real work. Perhaps they will be able to put their differences aside, and finally put a stop to the panic.

Here are the good news, an intergalactic alien spaceship crashed, and was found in the middle of a desert, a site manned by an eminent Russian rocket scientist. If this sounds like something worth watching, and we want to watch it, we can find out.

Indeed, we can find out if the intergalactic alien spaceship is going to crash, and if the organization’s representatives are going to go there. We can watch it and get our views, the next time it is released.

A major news outlet should be interviewing these folks in order to get their views, and they should include an aerospace organization in order to make sure we get it right. Think on this, if there is ever a military action that is held to involve extraterrestrial objects, and these folks are taken, and all of their records destroyed, can we trust this organization? And can we trust their other people, too?

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