Ancient Alien Theories

Those of you coming to the site already know the theory of ancient aliens Erie it that’s the theory that extraterrestrial visitors have visited Earth throughout human history and altered the course of history. The theory goes onto say that every agent culture and religion talks about God’s or Angels descending from heaven and visiting with the local tribe or community. This theory was made popular in the late 1960s by the book Chariots of the gods. It is an enticing and mystifying proposition, to think that throughout all of human history we have been visited by others. The theory goes onto say that at different times different technologies and/or knowledge was passed down from these ancient astronauts to our human ancestors. These ancient astronaut theorists dismiss the lack of concrete evidence, by showing thousands of speculative cases of evidence such as cave paintings, oil paintings, bronze statues, and Aztec lines, oral histories, biblical history, fairytales, legends, far east legends, and stories from all over the world that point to something bigger than ourselves visiting our ancient ancestors.

With the recent history Channel series on ancient aliens gaining in popularity in viewership, this theory has once again captivated an American audience. It is interesting that this theory seems to ebb and flow in popularity within the UFO community, and we are right now again near the apex of its acceptance, interest, and enthusiasm among the community.

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