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September 2018 Sighting

You should check out this September 8th, 2018 sighting that a UK UFOlogist has posted to youtube.  It shows two distinct lights and UFOs flying very low to the ground and moving at a very odd rate of speed.  I think you’ll see that this video looks to be very authentic and should provide you with some time to study what is seen.

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ABC News

It’s always interesting when mainstream media picks up on some of these UFO stories and actually gives you the video.  But as we know these military videos are among the most controversial as they are showing us a whole new side to the UFO debate.  It might not be the more clear video that we have, but the audio alone is worth it for these military pilots to talk like this.  This video is chilling:


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UK UFO Video

This was on the BBC

July 26, 2016admin Comments Off on UK UFO Video
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Extra Dimensional Creatures?

[<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>]

Are these mysterious rods from another dimension?

July 11, 2016admin Comments Off on Extra Dimensional Creatures?
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Government Workers and UFOs

Interesting take on having some government workers talk about UFOs.

June 7, 2016admin Comments Off on Government Workers and UFOs
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Orbs or UFOs?

No one really can explain these very odd orbs.  They seem to show up all over the world.

This is from 2016 and you should see it to believe it.

June 6, 2016admin Comments Off on Orbs or UFOs?
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2016 UFO Footage

Here is some early 2016 footage of UFOs, all from Q1.


June 2, 2016admin Comments Off on 2016 UFO Footage
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Richard Dolan’s Interview with Ex-CIA Director

Wonderful new interview by Richard Dolan with an ex-CIA director who saw a Grey Alien.

August 21, 2013admin Comments Off on Richard Dolan’s Interview with Ex-CIA Director
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2013 UFO from Space

I think you will like this outer space collection of UFO’s created just this year. I think some of this footage is actually a few years old, but there are some new cuts that I think you’ll appreciate.

February 25, 2013admin Comments Off on 2013 UFO from Space
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HD UFO Video

I think this one is probably a fake – due to the length of the video and the way the shadows fall – but it should be left to you to decide. I am also not that impressed with the lack of excitement from the camera guy. What do you guys think?

February 21, 2013admin Comments Off on HD UFO Video
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