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Extra Dimensional Creatures?

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Are these mysterious rods from another dimension?

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Government Workers and UFOs

Interesting take on having some government workers talk about UFOs.

June 7, 2016admin No Comments »
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Orbs or UFOs?

No one really can explain these very odd orbs.  They seem to show up all over the world.

This is from 2016 and you should see it to believe it.

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2016 UFO Footage

Here is some early 2016 footage of UFOs, all from Q1.


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Richard Dolan’s Interview with Ex-CIA Director

Wonderful new interview by Richard Dolan with an ex-CIA director who saw a Grey Alien.

August 21, 2013admin No Comments »
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2013 UFO from Space

I think you will like this outer space collection of UFO’s created just this year. I think some of this footage is actually a few years old, but there are some new cuts that I think you’ll appreciate.

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HD UFO Video

I think this one is probably a fake – due to the length of the video and the way the shadows fall – but it should be left to you to decide. I am also not that impressed with the lack of excitement from the camera guy. What do you guys think?

February 21, 2013admin No Comments »
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2013 UFO Video Cotulla

This is a great news interview and sport detailing some UFO footage and sightings that happened just recently. Some people are saying that these are just top secrets military planes and military projects with some great new technology.

February 15, 2013admin No Comments »
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California 2013 UFO Footage

Please Check out this recent 2013 California UFO footage, it shows something exploding.  I have no idea what this is or what it could be but it is very interesting video.  Does anyone know if it has been debunked yet?  Let me know what you think.  Great UFO video.


February 14, 2013admin No Comments »
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Jim Marrs on Coast to Coast

A very interesting guest was on Coast to Coast AM last night, his name is Jim Marrs and he had a few amazing claims that I wanted to fact check. One of the first claims was that just days after the amazing video of the alleged UFO siting above the Dome of the Rock in 2011 that only days later there was a newborn baby found at the Dome. Well, Mr. Marrs is right, on Feb 7, 2011 the Jerusalem Post did in fact report on a newborn baby being found at the dome.  I will however always find fault with someone who believes like he does that only 13 families control and run the world, and blames world hunger on these 13 families – instead of poor management and dictators who are selfish and greedy in third world countries.  People often lack the will and resources to properly help their fellow man, even in rich countries – to blame this problem on a grand global conspiracy is a bit lazy and lacks understanding of human nature and the feebleness of government.

He also talks about Gobekli Tepe and how much older it is from Stonehedge – and again as we all know Gobekli Tepe is the world’s first temple and is in fact about 12,000 years old.  Being 7,000 years older does make people wonder what sort of civilization did build this temple.  We will have much more to say about Gobekli Tepe later this year as it is one of the most famous and well researched parts of the ancient alien’s theorists evidence.  Marrs also discussed why people exprierence missing time during a UFO sighting, and his belief that it’s the energy field around a UFO that essentially disturbs both gravity and time that allows it to fly.

All in all he was a very entertaining guest and I hope to hear more from him on the show.

February 13, 2013admin No Comments »
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