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Alien Video Hoax

You are probably wondering why are we posting a Hoax video here at Footage of UFOs – a site dedicated to weeding out the Hoax videos? Well, we are posting this one to illustrate just how good the Hoaxsters have become, this might be one of the best faked sightings we have seen in ages – and for that we give it a hat tip – but also a warning to everyone else out there to be careful what you believe.

August 29, 2012admin Comments Off on Alien Video Hoax
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UFO Cockpit and Aliens

Footage from Turkey in 2008 – clearly shows aliens in the craft.

August 16, 2012admin Comments Off on UFO Cockpit and Aliens
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Light in the Sky

Great footage from a local ABC affiliate about a light in the sky.

July 24, 2012admin Comments Off on Light in the Sky
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Japan UFO 2012 Footage

Interesting recent footage from Japan:

June 26, 2012admin Comments Off on Japan UFO 2012 Footage
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May 2012 UFO Footage

Again our friends over at have some great videos to share. I certainly think the green UFO with the kids taking the video is certainly just a laser pointer, however some of the footage on either end are wonderful. Great job again.

June 20, 2012admin Comments Off on May 2012 UFO Footage
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California 2012 UFO

Check out the 17:21 mark – you’ll see a dark object go throw the trees, very strange.

May 29, 2012admin Comments Off on California 2012 UFO
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Wonderful Night UFO – great quality

There are some reports that this was just military aircraft – you decide. Either way – amazing technology to make these moves.

May 25, 2012admin Comments Off on Wonderful Night UFO – great quality
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Feb 2012 UFO Videos

These are put together by a great group of UFOlogits AnonymousFO – they are documenting and getting some great videos out there.

May 2, 2012admin Comments Off on Feb 2012 UFO Videos
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Mayan Artifacts 2012

Video of some recently found Mayan artifacts that seem to suggest alien contact.

April 19, 2012admin Comments Off on Mayan Artifacts 2012
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South Korea UFO | Airplane

2012 footage of a possible UFO from South Korea, taken from an airplane- is it a hoax?

April 9, 2012admin Comments Off on South Korea UFO | Airplane
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