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Blake Cousins

This is a great video from Third Phase of the Moon brought to you by Blake Cousins – Blake has some of the greatest UFO videos of 2011 – his site is a certainly worth checking out. He continues to bring to light some great footage, keep up the great work Blake!

October 6, 2011admin Comments Off on Blake Cousins
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Baltic Sea UFO?

Interesting August 2011 UFO story

September 30, 2011admin Comments Off on Baltic Sea UFO?
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CNN Dust Storm UFO

September 22, 2011admin 1 Comment »
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Southwest September 2011 UFO

This changes direction!

September 21, 2011admin Comments Off on Southwest September 2011 UFO
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Sept 2011 UFO Video

September 19, 2011admin 1 Comment »
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