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Live TV UFOs

Here are some live TV moments that appear to have some UFO activity in them.  

Many of these videos have HD quality TV cameras doing the filming so the quality is very good.  

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April 2017 UFO Footage

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Best of 2016 UFO Footage

Here are some of the best UFO footage videos of 2016.  I hope you guys enjoy this great new video of some of the best ufo footage out there.

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Kenyan UFO

This is from a dash camera and was taken in Kenya!

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Desert UFOs in 2016

What is happening in this video?  I can’t figure it out either.  But the UFO in the desert looks amazing, either that’s some great CGI, new weapons system, or new war toy.  Regardless of what it is you need to check out the video.

August 23, 2016admin Comments Off on Desert UFOs in 2016
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August 2016 Videos

Here are some UFO videos from August 2016.  There are 5 videos in this collection, to be honest only about 2 of them are of value and are interesting.  Let me know what you think

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UK UFO Video #2

Check out this latest from the UK.  They have had some great sightings this year:


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Portals and NASA and Future Aliens

Are aliens just us from the future?

July 20, 2016admin Comments Off on Portals and NASA and Future Aliens
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We are your UFO Filter

Thank you for reading and enjoying Footage of UFOs.  We try act as a filter and only deliver to you the best of the best from Youtube and other sources the highest quality UFO footage found online.  There are millions of UFO videos online, so many of them quickly done in Photoshop and other video editing software suites.  We try and only get you the most authentic videos possible.  If you like what we do, please comment on the videos and share with us your thoughts.  If you don’t like what you see, also comment and tell us what we can do better.  Thank you.

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Odd Stuff on Google Maps – UFOs

July 15, 2016admin Comments Off on Odd Stuff on Google Maps – UFOs
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