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Great Footage of UFOs

Can you believe that the year 2011 is almost over?

In the upcoming months appears and Inc. some of the best videos of 2011 for you to vote on to see what are the best UFO videos of the year. If you have suggestions or videos you would like to submit please make sure you let me know by either e-mailing or posting here on the blog. As always we are always looking for coeditors and people to write articles about different footage that they have seen or heard of or offer their own theories on some of the unexplained paranormal activities happening across the world. Next year 2012 for many of you is an important year. Some believe the Mayan prophecy of the end of the world in December of 2012, though I am not one to believe that – you can still make your thoughts known in our forums.

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Blake Cousins

This is a great video from Third Phase of the Moon brought to you by Blake Cousins – Blake has some of the greatest UFO videos of 2011 – his site is a certainly worth checking out. He continues to bring to light some great footage, keep up the great work Blake!

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Dropa Stones

What were the Dropa stones?
The Dropa stones are over 700 stone plates which were first discovered in the late 1930s. The stones found somewhere near Tibet with the exact date of discovery placed in 1938.

Supposedly in the stones there are roots almost like a record and in these grooves are different hieroglyphics which allegedly contained some interesting information. Also just like a record these discs also have a whole the middle.

These stones were legibly found in a cave on the side of the mountain in that cave on the wall there were paintings with depictions of the sun, the moon, earth, different stars, comets and other celestial bodies. Supposedly someone has made a translation of some of the hieroglyphics of these discs.

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Footage of UFOs October

No new videos of ufos today, but I did want to just say thank you to the visitors who have enjoyed our site thus far. Its been a real treat showcasing the best UFO videos that we can find.

I am still looking for more user submitted UFO videos for 2011 – as I will start to put together the “Best of 2011 UFO” series in the coming months.

Let me know if you have any video suggestions. Until then, keep your eye on the sky.

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