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Amazing New Videos

This is a good collection of short videos of UFOs that should help spur some discussion.


June 14, 2016admin Comments Off on Amazing New Videos
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Abduction caught on CCT Video?

This is a classic CCT abduction video with some old TV show trying to explain it.  I think you’ve probably seen it before, but it’s still one of the biggest mysteries.

June 11, 2016admin Comments Off on Abduction caught on CCT Video?
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Alien Encounters Top 10

This is a great compilation of the best alien encounters over the years.

June 8, 2016admin Comments Off on Alien Encounters Top 10
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Great old NASA videos

This is the type of stuff that I really love, old NASA videos with some unexplained stuff floating around.  This is much harder to fake.

June 8, 2016admin Comments Off on Great old NASA videos
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More recent NASA UFO Footage

Is this more information about a government coverup?  Very recent NASA footage:

June 5, 2016admin Comments Off on More recent NASA UFO Footage
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Recent footage at night

Not the best video to be honest, but the night ski illuminating was interesting.

June 4, 2016admin Comments Off on Recent footage at night
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Men in Black Documentary

With reports of MIBs for over 50 years, it’s time to look into the experience.  Check out this documentary.

June 2, 2016admin 1 Comment »
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Lies about Space

Some lies you have been told about space.  Check out the video

June 1, 2016admin Comments Off on Lies about Space
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March 2016 Best of UFO

Here are some of the best UFO footage from March 2016.  Enjoy

April 18, 2016admin Comments Off on March 2016 Best of UFO
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UFOS spotted over India

Reported by Yahoo News and other major outlets!


August 19, 2013admin Comments Off on UFOS spotted over India
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