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Late March 2013 UFOs

So this is another compilation video of some of the better UFO sightings this month. To be honest most of these are certainly just military aircraft, but some are a bit more explainable. As we said before it was a slow month here for good footage so we’ll hope that April will bring better videos for us to check out.

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Edgar Mitchell Interview

This is a short, under 6 minutes interview with one of the best and most respected UFOlogist – and former astronaut, Edgar Mitchell.

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March 2013 UFO videos

Here are some March 2013 UFO videos – to be honest the best ones in my opinion are at the 1:30 mark – they are in Texas and it’s some great footage. There are some good NASA pictures at the end, but all in all it was a weak month.

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New form of life found

There was an amazing story written by our amazing planet that came out late last week the story involves essentially a new sort of organism that they found deep below the oceanic crust the scientists are calling it a dark biosphere in these organisms that they discovered are part of an ecosystem which uses chemicals and chemosynthesis and not photosynthesis.

These Denmark scientists have noted that while bacteria and other small microbes in organisms have been found in deep boreholes throughout the seafloor this brand-new discovery confirms that life can exist in it not only some of the most remote areas of the earth but deep within the crust itself. These organisms are living with in the rocks and have large communities were there thriving eating through the minerals in the rocks to sustain themselves. What is really interesting is how this should slice of the deep biosphere in a hard rock surface not only in our planet for the possibilities of life and other planets. You’ve noted that on this blog will often discussed a slow leak of information from scientists confirming that life could exist on other planets this report itself also illustrates the potential of scientists leaking out information getting us prepared for the notion that life could exist in a weird difficult and far-off places throughout our solar system. What is also amazing is that these Dutch scientist said that these microorganisms are ancient organisms, meaning they have been around for generations and millennia. They are also not a unique organism as they have discovered that they are throughout the oceanic crust and thus are thriving in these extremely hospitable conditions.

Scientists note that we have a bias for light-based organisms and thus having us think of a completely dark biosphere that can sustain life is an amazing thing to fathom. Throughout our solar system there must be other planets with a similar condition as our own oceanic crust. This is a remarkable find indeed.

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Florida residents report seeing UFO

Florida residents report seeing a UFO – but the Navy DENIES it was their airplane! Whoa.

The mystery aircraft were most recently spotted Monday between 2 a.m. to 3 a.m., witnesses said.
A Navy spokesman said the military does not conduct operations at the bombing range in the Ocala National Forest at that time of the morning.

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Russell Crowe UFO

Actor Russell Crowe claims to have seen a UFO and took these photos… check it out:

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Feb 2013 UFOs

Very good collection of the ‘best of’ Feb 2013 UFOs videos. I think certainly the majority of these are just military planes and a few fakes, but the first few are pretty good.

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Archive Footage Space Snakes

This is a great blast from the past from one of the most trusted UFO experts and NASA astronaut – Story Musgrave.
Musgrave was picked to be an astronaut by NASA in the summer of 1967. He completed astronaut training and then worked on the design and development of the different technical NASA programs. He was the backup science-pilot for the first Skylab mission. Musgrave was involved with NASA for years.

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2013 UFO Collection

Since we are two months in – I thought it was time to find a good UFO footage collection video for everyone to check out.

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2013 UFO Video Cotulla

This is a great news interview and sport detailing some UFO footage and sightings that happened just recently. Some people are saying that these are just top secrets military planes and military projects with some great new technology.

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