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The drip feed theory

We’ve been talking for years about the ‘drip feed theory’.  That the US Government has slowly been drip feeding information to the public about UFOs and alien life so not to cause a panic.  They must have done extensive research into what might happen if a revelation came on too fast and too quickly for the general public to understand.  Therefore it seems like other’s have been coming on board to this theory.  The History Channel series, Ancient Alien is returning for yet another season, but this time they are focusing on recent developments.

Check out this trailer:

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Want to know what ETs look like?

What do you think ETs look like?

Apparently, these science experts think that they know what they will look like.  One is even claiming that by 2035 we’ll have hard evidence about ETs that we can probe to the world.

This article even talks about a $22 million dollar military program (they call it a secret program, but if we are talking about it then it can’t be a secret right?) designed for investigating UFOs.  This program only started in 2007 and went on for 5 years.

One of the best guesses from scientists is that thumbs might be a key component to ET biology as they are very unique to advanced life.  So this means that they likely have thumbs.  As a result, many scientists think that thumbs are a key component to advanced life.

Anyway, check out the article if you are interested.

Experts Say This Is What Aliens Probably Look Like

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13 of the Best UFO Footage

This is a great collection of 13 great sightings.  We missed this video which was posted in late 2017, but we still think it’s worth it.  These videos are from all around the world, some from South America and some from Asia, but the bulk are from Europe.  We think these are some of the best of 2017 so well done to this group for getting these together.

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UK UFO in the Clouds

What do you think?

So many of these videos that we review are just obvious fakes.  This one on the other hand, is just plain creepy.  Check out this UFO in the clouds, slowly creeping along a nice English countryside.  What in the world is this thing?  It’s not a balloon and it’s not a military plane, and it’s just so steady.  Yes it’s possible that this is just yet another great technical video editing stunt, but the use of the clouds is what makes this even more remarkable.  Someone would have to be very skilled to use the clouds to cover up the UFO this way.

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Agean Sea Airplane UFO

Very rarely do we get such a clear and odd UFO shot from an airplane.  This has not been explained and no one really knows exactly what it is that we are looking at.  This video was taken in 2018 and was from the Agean Sea.

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Former Navy Pilot Chased UFO – Take them Seriously

This former Navy pilot says that we need to take these UFOs seriously.  He said so to a respectable news organization as well.

Then the object, which looked like a 4o-foot-long Tic Tac candy, “goes whoosh, and it’s gone.” he said. It accelerated rapidly and disappeared like no aircraft he had ever seen in his career.

Fravor has been in the news recently after the New York Times broke the story that the Pentagon had a secret program that investigated reports of UFOs. The Defense Department says it closed down the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program in 2012 after five years, but the program’s backers say it remains in existence, investigating UFO reports from service members while carrying out other duties.

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Live TV UFOs

Here are some live TV moments that appear to have some UFO activity in them.  

Many of these videos have HD quality TV cameras doing the filming so the quality is very good.  

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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April 2017 UFO Footage

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Best of 2016 UFO Footage

Here are some of the best UFO footage videos of 2016.  I hope you guys enjoy this great new video of some of the best ufo footage out there.

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Kenyan UFO

This is from a dash camera and was taken in Kenya!

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