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Florida residents report seeing UFO

Florida residents report seeing a UFO – but the Navy DENIES it was their airplane! Whoa.

The mystery aircraft were most recently spotted Monday between 2 a.m. to 3 a.m., witnesses said.
A Navy spokesman said the military does not conduct operations at the bombing range in the Ocala National Forest at that time of the morning.

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Russell Crowe UFO

Actor Russell Crowe claims to have seen a UFO and took these photos… check it out:

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Feb 2013 UFOs

Very good collection of the ‘best of’ Feb 2013 UFOs videos. I think certainly the majority of these are just military planes and a few fakes, but the first few are pretty good.

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Archive Footage Space Snakes

This is a great blast from the past from one of the most trusted UFO experts and NASA astronaut – Story Musgrave.
Musgrave was picked to be an astronaut by NASA in the summer of 1967. He completed astronaut training and then worked on the design and development of the different technical NASA programs. He was the backup science-pilot for the first Skylab mission. Musgrave was involved with NASA for years.

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2013 UFO Collection

Since we are two months in – I thought it was time to find a good UFO footage collection video for everyone to check out.

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2013 UFO Video Cotulla

This is a great news interview and sport detailing some UFO footage and sightings that happened just recently. Some people are saying that these are just top secrets military planes and military projects with some great new technology.

February 15, 2013admin Comments Off on 2013 UFO Video Cotulla
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2013 UFO Footage from Space

I think everyone will l love this new footage of some possible UFO’s or just space junk taken from space this past week. 2013 does look like it is shaping up to be a good UFO year. This is some amazing 2013 footage from outer space that I think all Ufologists will just love. It looks like 2013 UFO videos will be great. Some things to notice are how the objects are moving from right to left in the frame, it’s a very mechanical looking motion and I think you’ll find the video very convincing.

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Editors Wanted

Hello all UFO hunters, we here at Footage of UFO’s are interested in expanding our blog and in doing so we are looking for a Co-editor for the site. If you are interested in writing articles and being an admin of the site please email me at and we can talk about roles and responsibilities.

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Olympic 2012 UFOs

Are these two UFO’s filmed at the London Olympics?

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Super Earths Discovered

Scientists have discovered over 50 earth like planets outside our solar system.

May 9, 2012admin Comments Off on Super Earths Discovered
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