Slow Acceptance Theory

This is a theory that the US Government has slowly over the years been dripping out information about alien visitors so when the truth finally comes out, most people will already be resigned to the idea. The theory holds that since the Roswell incident, there has been a plan in place to slowly get Americans and the world community used to the idea of alien contact. With the help of Hollywood and even conspiracy theorists the government has been able to both keep an older generation feeling safe and secure in an ‘alien free’ world, while younger generations have been raised on seeing ET and the X-Files – with the understanding that some day ‘the truth’ will come out.

Many people say that there will be a ‘big reveal’ – but I don’t think so.  I don’t think it will be one specific day in which all is revealed, I think it will be a casual remark by a president or a NASA scientist but by then most people will have already assumed it to be true.

Just recently NASA has been issuing reports and statements about the possibility of life on Mars, and their efforts to contact life outside our universe.  They have also been discussing openly plans of contact, and how initial contact would be initiated.  This sort of talk would be unheard of in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  ‘

Government Using UFO’s as a Cover Story?

Another theory to the numerous UFO sightings over the years is that many of the sightings are actually top secret and highly advanced US military airplanes, and in some cases space-planes.  Some claim that its an easier sell to foreign government and to the US population that the United States doesn’t have such advanced technologies but we just don’t know what those lights in the sky are.  This can also explain why some sightings happen around the world, as the US is using some of these planes for surveillance and other foreign uses.

Though I have my doubts with this theory as it produces a massively embarrassing possible scenario in the event of a crash or ‘interception’ by a foreign Government.  Therefore, the abundance of UFO sightings around the world – creates a problem for this theory, in my opinion.

Now certainly some of these UFO sightings could be the Stealth bomber, or other highly advanced airplanes that America is created over the years. However it’s the length of time over 70 years, since the Roswell New Mexico incident that creates a problem for the government using UFOs as a cover story for almost every sighting. The amount of people involved who could keep their mouth shut us over such a long period of time doesn’t seem plausible.

Though I will say that from the strategic and national security standpoint keeping our foreign neighbors ignorant of our actual technological advancements does have some benefits one would think that displaying our strength would have even more.

Mars as test case
It seems like every day there is more and more news dripping out by NASA and other scientific communities talking about the possibility of water on Mars and the possibility of life on Mars millions of years ago. They are always looking for fossil evidence to see if life may have once been on Mars. I believe the reason they are doing this is that the information that a few million years ago there was life, people will freak out and in fact find it amazing. That information will not be a shock to the system, but instead help to be a bridge to the final acceptance of the information that life is out there.

Why do we need a slow acceptance?

People argue that they would be mass chaos and fear as people realized how exposed the American population is to this outside force. In fact the entire world would also be exposed to this outside technological advanced society. People would worry that we could not take care of our own safety and security. They worry that this would cause panic, riots, and financial destruction. Wall Street would take a tumble some people would flee and vital parts of our everyday existence would become altered knowing that we were being watched and there’s nothing that we could do about.

However if you slowly had a population come to terms and come to grips over generations that the possibility of life in outer space and people watching us is real and that there hasn’t been any major consequences to that than the population will be able to handle the news that we are not alone.

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