Time Travel Theories

Greys as future humans:
Another theory posits that the common description of Grey aliens fit a good future evolutionally model of the human race. Some suggest that with the increase in humans staring at the computer and other screens, eyes would develop to be larger and more accommodating for the difficult light. Long fingers from typing away on computers and the lack of manual labor. Skin color is universal due to the complete mixing of races over the years.

Part of the appeal of the theory is that due to the sheer number of sighting and abduction stories if there really are as many actual visits from these ‘greys’
One term used to describe these time-traveling aliens is Chrononauts, which is a term I believe first used by Dr. Bruce Goldberg. Dr. Goldberg is a California based hypnotherapist, former dentist and current author. He has over the years written many books describing some of his patient’s descriptions of these ‘chrononauts’ and abduction tales. He also talks about traveling through the 5th dimension as a way to communicate with these helpful chrononauts.

There are people who suggest that the Roswell crash in New Mexico were not aliens of all the time travelers. They cite the technological advancements America has made in the years since Roswell. They even suggest that there is no better cover story then UFOs for something more sensational and possibly even scarier, which is the possibility of visitors from our own future ot inter-dimensional beings visiting us. For some the prospect of having extraterrestrials within our own universe seems a bit more normal than both the prospect of an interdimensional being or her own selves trying to rewrite history visiting from the future.

Part of this make sense as due to the solipsistic and selfish nature of the human condition one could certainly theorize that the only beings that would be interested in humans are well, humans. Some argue that Tibet arrogant to think that an advanced civilization would spend time and resources just to study primitive people and species such as the human race. For what can any other beings actually gain after traveling millions of light-years away just to visit Kansas? So many regards this might be a very sensible way to understand the UFO phenomenon.

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